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map Tag in Html

A client-side image map. Used in conjunction with area to map links to certain regions of an image.

map Tag Attributes

id - is used to uniquely identify the element.
class - can be used to reference the element with CSS.
title - can be used to specify a title for the element.

Browser Support


Code Example

<map id ="atlas">
<area shape ="rect" coords ="0,0,115,90" href ="northamerica.html" alt="North America" />
<area shape ="poly" coords ="113,39,187,21,180,72,141,77,117,86" href ="europe.html" alt="Europe" />
<area shape ="poly" coords ="119,80,162,82,175,102,183,102,175,148,122,146" href ="africa.html" alt="Africa" />

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