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select Tag in Html

A drop-down list form element. Option elements within the select element define each list item.

select Tag Attributes

name - can be used so that the value of the selected option element can be processed.
size - can be used to specify how many items of the list are displayed at any time. The default is 1.
multiple - can be used to specify that more than one item from the list can be selected. This must be used in the format multiple="multiple".
disabled - can be used to disable an element. It must be used in the format disabled="disabled".
tabindex - can be used to specify where the element appears in the tab order of the page.

Browser Support



<select name="dogs">
<option>Domestic Dog</option>
<option>Arctic Fox</option>
<option>Maned Wolf</option>
<option>Grey Wolf</option>
<option>Red Fox</option>

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