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textarea Tag in Html

A multi-row text area form element. The initial value of the text area can be placed in between the opening and closing tags.

textarea Tag Attributes

rows - is used to define the number of viewable rows.
cols - is used to specify the number of viewable columns.
name - can be used so that the value of the element can be processed.
disabled - can be used to disable the element. It must be used in the format disabled="disabled".
readonly - can be used to specify that the value of the element can not be changed. It must be used in the format readonly="readonly".
accesskey - can be used to associate a keyboard shortcut to the element.
tabindex - can be used to specify where the element appears in the tab order of the page.

Browser Support



<form action="somescript.php" />
<p>Your address</p>
<div><textarea name="address"cols="30" rows="4"></textarea></div>
<div><input type="submit" /></div>

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