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1 Balta • 22:59, 23.09.2015

Notepad - Free Build-in Html Editor for Windows

This information is for the Windows Operating System users. There is no need in purchasing or downloading an editor to be able to use HTML. Your Operating System gives you a chance to use the in-built editor which perfectly suits you. It is called Notepad.

The majority of  users are familiar with this and only this HTML editor due to its simplicity and free usage.

You are to follow these steps to create Website pages using Notepad to write HTML files:

Step 1. Start with opening Notepad which you can find in your  menu under "Accessories” title. The other option is to follow this route: Start->Run->Type in Notepad. After this a Notepad should open.

Step 2. Continue with creating the HTML. You have to keep in mind to pay more attention while you are using Notepad than if it was HTML editor. You might notice that such elements as  tag completion and validation are missing.

Step 3. Finish up with saving your HTML  file. And this is probably the most difficult because usually Notepad saves files with .txt extension. Remember that you are creating HTML. It means you have to save this file with .htm or .html extension.

Pay attention, otherwise you may end up with a wired filename like filename.html.txt

Here are some tips to avoid it:

1. Start with clicking on "File” on the Control Panel and after "Save As”

2. Direct file to the folder you want it to be saved in

3. The "Save as Type” menu should be changed into "All Files”

4. Give the name to you file and make sure that it includes the .htm extension, e.g. homepage.htm

It is not that difficult to learn HTML. Besides it is not necessary to purchase any additional software to make your own home page. By means of Notepad you can write HTML of any complexity. As soon as you  learn the language  you will be able to edit pages as easily and quickly as the HTML editor users. Personally I have mastered my first web site in the Notepad without using any additional software.
Date: 01.10.2010
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